Hospital Bag Checklist

We have rounded up our top items for what to pack in your hospital bag. The hospital will have many of the recovery products needed; mesh underwear, icing pads, etc.

For Baby:

Baby Blanket & Hat - For the first photos or if you have a professional photographer in the hospital that can take them. 

1-2 Outfits for Baby - While the baby will swaddled most of the time, this is good for bringing the baby home. 

Baby Book - Important for getting baby's first footprints & handprints, weight/height and stats recorded. 

Car Seat -  Make sure this is installed several weeks before you are due. This is not something you will want to put together in a hurry!

For Mom:

Comfortable, Button Down Pajamas - Preferably a dark color. Multiple pairs because everything gets dirty quickly with a new baby and breastfeeding.

Lounge Pants & Henley Top - If you want something to wear home or to feel more put together during your stay. Easy and comfortable for breastfeeding. 

Nursing Bras & Nursing Tanks -  Bravado Nursing Tank & Bra

Comfortable black underwear

Shower Sandals 

Nursing Pads - Lansinoh nursing pads.

Toiletries - Face wipes, toothbrush & toothpaste, travel size shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, razor.

Tech - Extra long phone charger, headphones, roku, small speaker if you prefer to listen to music or have playlists